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Skuntin Congalongs.

Hey I'm Candice. From Queens stuck in Georgia for now. GSU Senior. 20 years ah deh in. Proud Guyanese & Haitian! I'm learning how to cook and do henna so I blog that kind of stuff.. Big ups to you for visiting my page..Feel free to message me an dem tings :)

Sep 1 '14

The British West Indies a term used to describe the islands in and around the Caribbean that were part of the  British Empire.


The British West Indies a term used to describe the islands in and around the Caribbean that were part of the  British Empire.

Sep 1 '14









It’s the gangsta version of snape’s story!!!

Sep 1 '14




I want all these dresses

Is fucking gorgeous.


Yaaaaassssssssssssss I have enough life from this woman for at least 10 lifetimes!! Whoy 🙌🙏🙏

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Sep 1 '14



Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real

Aug 31 '14
Aug 31 '14



kudos to mtv for spreading this message tho

Turn the fuck up MTV

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Aug 31 '14

A Koala reflecting on his sins, his triumphs, and the inevitability of death.

Aug 27 '14
Shail Hada - Poore Chand (Ramleela (2013))


Poore Chaand, Ram-Leela

Shail Hada

Aug 24 '14


aliens don’t wanna hang out with us because we’re embarrassing and also still capitalist

Aug 12 '14

International Cooking : Puerto Rico [Part Two]

This is the second part to the International Cooking series that I’m doing. It’s a total of 26 different drinks, desserts, dishes, etc. I really love Puerto Rican food you guys. I said that in the last post, but the emphasis is needed. The next country is going to be announced in the next post, which will be the last. I would really like to thank NydiasMiamiKitchen and SweetsAndBeyond my two aunties whose youtube videos I’ve watched to get most of these recipes down. They’re wonderful.

1. Pastelon : Its like a lasagna. Layers went like this…fried plaintain, ground meat, sweet peppers, and cheese over and over again til its done. Egg is used in between layers to bind them together. Domincans do it different where they mash the plantains I think. It is the most beautiful ode to plaintain. Lol

2. Tostones : Fried plantain same way Haitians do it..I just wanna say… We’ve been using brown paper bags to flatten the plantain…we recently got a tostonera…jah bless it’s the come up…so much easier lol

3. Sofrito : This is a base to a lot of Puerto Rican food. It’s just like our West Indian green seasoning, but it has a few different ingredients. It’s made with Culantro (We call it bandaniya or shadon beni), Cilantro, Onion, Garlic, Aji Dulce Peppers, Sweet Green Seasoning Peppers, and Tomato.

4. Empanadillas : Empanadas Puerto Rican Style.Very similar to Jamaican beef patties.I had some filled with picadillo and some with cheese and jalapeño peppers. With a side of rice and stewed potatoes, sweet potatoes and beans. It’s a weird stew. I didn’t mean to have more potatoes than beans but I cut too many :( ..And I realized that I kind of made them kind of big..

5. Chicharrones De Pollo : Usually its like pork skins…but I dont eat pork so what I made is more like fried chicken. I try to cut the chicken breast thin..but yea…

6. Picadillo : Almost like a chili but with no beans in it. It’s ground meat cooked with sofrito, sazon, and other stuff like onions to sautee first. Once the meat is brown you add tomato sauce. Everybody does it a little different. One lady I watch, adds some red wine to it. I did that and I added some raisins, because I’ve seen people do that and olives with peppers too. It’s just delicious, if I forgot an ingredient..sorry, Also sometimes its made more dry so you can have it as a filling for empanadas or rellenos de papa, etc..I know all the Puerto Ricans already know this..but I guess for everyone else

7. Bolitas De Coco : These are like Indo-Guyanese Peera. It’s kind of like a fudge, with coconut in it and then rolled in coconut. It’s the same as peera minus the coconut.

8. Sandwichitos De MezclaA sandwich with a spread made of cheese, spam,peppers (sweet), and pepper. I used turkey spam..cus yuh done know meh nah eat pork..Without the meat its kind of similar to our cheese paste sandwiches..It tastes good though..

9. Besitos De Coco : It means little coconut kisses, they’re kind of like macaroons and they’re addictive.

I hope that you guys like these posts. I always feel weird venturing out from my comfort zones like outside of my culture, etc. but let me know what you guys think.